Promote Blog Effectively and Cheaply

According to my experiences in promoting my proper blog, there are some tips that can be applied to promote blog effectively and cheaply.
  1. Shout box: First of all, don’t forget to leave a shout box message in different blogs every day, and type something nice like “hi, you have nice blog” or something like that. It will attract new visitors to visit your blog because you are nice guy.
  2. Mailing List: Joining some mailing list with large number of members (above 10.000). Try to send a message regularly and don’t forget type your blog address as your electronic sign.
  3. Free Ad Link: Put your link in some webs that provide free link ads. It is also effective because the webs usually have many visitors that can be invited to visit your blog.
  4. Chatting: It was the first technique that I used to promote my blog. I used to chat with people from all over the world and of course invite them to visit my blog. Sometimes I did spam by sending the offline users a message with the address in it. It is also effective.
  5. Free Article: Write some article and submit it to free article webs/blog. As I know, this is the most effective way to promote blog beside search engine.
  6. Useful Content: Try to write something useful or interesting in your blog and it must be free. It will make the visitors come and come again to your blog.
  7. Link Exchange: Try to promote your blog by link exchange. Choose webs/blogs with high pagerank to exchange link as much as possible.
  8. Submit your blog address to search engine or Open Directory. The last tip ist the most effective way to promote blog.